Maybe you or someone close to you has had a wake up call in the form of a health crisis or new diagnosis.

Maybe you've tried diets, medications, supplements, detoxes, and/or programs, but they've fallen short and left you feeling frustrated, let down, and even more down on yourself.

Perhaps you bought that book with the "answers," and maybe you even read the whole thing— but you didn't get any farther than that and now it mocks you from the shelf.

Or maybe you feel a yearning for something more, different, deeper.

One way or another you've come to a point where something needs to change.  You know it's time and you can't continue the way you have, and you know you need some help making it happen.

It's common to feel overwhelmed or unsure where to start.  New beginnings can be exciting, nourishing, and scary.  But you don't have to go it alone.  With support you can totally do this.



Let’s get some positive momentum going

Let’s get some positive momentum going. 

In Seeds of Change, I support you to figure out where to start for you, from where you are right now, to take those first small steps and build positive momentum.  I help folks identify energy drains, find ways to declutter their mind, reclaim their health and time, and relight the fire under their life.

Feel more centered, able, confident, and hopeful while planting the seeds of change with small, achievable steps toward a healthier, happier mind, body, and life.

I have been working with Jenny privately for the past 6 months and the results from our time together have literally been life changing.....I am now almost up to walking 3 miles a day when before it was hard to hit 1K steps; my taste buds have changed and I’m now tasting food instead of inhaling it; I’m becoming aware of the signals my body is sending and I’m better able to respond; since I’ve been doing more cooking, I’m wasting way less food and also saving money at the grocery store. And I just realized this morning that my spring tops now hit me at the bottom of my hips instead of the top!

The best thing is none of this is coming as ‘shoulds’ but are organic results of what I’ve learned from Jenny. Her philosophy of doing small steps leads to life altering results. If you are looking to make a change in your life, I highly recommend working with Jenny!
— Janet Roper

This is for you if:

—You or a loved one have had a wake up call in the form of a new or scary diagnosis or health crisis, and you want to feel better and be healthier.

—You or a loved one are experiencing concerning symptoms such as low energy or fatigue, shortness of breath, pain issues, weight gain/loss, heart problems, etc.

—You feel that "Enough is enough- something has to be done." 

—You feel overwhelmed and/or don’t know where to start.

—You feel like whatever needs changing is so overwhelming that you've so far been unable to get started. 

—You're fed up with "falling off" diets and exercise plans in the past or let down by fad diets' lack of sustainable, long-term results. 

—You don't want to take expensive medications, supplements, or use exotic and weird ingredients. 

—You're frustrated with doctors who just prescribe medications and don't have the time to give useful guidance about creating a healthy lifestyle 

—You lay awake nights worrying about what symptoms might mean (pounding/racing heart, dizziness, brain fog, fatigue, pain, numbness/tingling, etc.), and are afraid of what it all might lead to:  a shorter life, disability, limitations on activity, heart attack, stroke, amputation, being a burden on loved ones, living out your days in pain or as a shut in.... not to mention the expense of it all. 

—You miss having the energy to do the things you love:  play with kids or grandkids, make love, spend time outdoors... 

—You just want to feel better and live a "normal" life again

—You're overworked at work and/or as a caregiver or otherwise over-doing it, and need to de-stress before you have a heart attack (or another one)

—You feel the need for a change somewhere in your life, or even just a yearning for something more, different, better.

hands with seeds

Seeds of Change Supports you to:

—Feel clear on a few areas you want to and can begin taking small steps in your day to day life so that you can start to reclaim your health and time and reconnect with what matters most to you.  And feel better!

—Create a personalized vision for your health that lights you up, feels like a bit of a stretch, but also feels totally do-able, so that you have something truly exciting and motivating to work towards. 

—Create and make progress on a plan to feel better, enjoy more energy, and reach your health goals using small, doable steps toward your vision

— Start feeling some positive momentum building 

—Feel more centered, able, confident, and hopeful as you leave the world of quick fixes behind and lay the foundation for lasting change 

—Create a healthier, more positive and enjoyable relationship with food, movement, and wellbeing

—Grow skills such as mindfulness, self-care, reclaiming your health and time, connection, and more.

—Start feeling better, more energetic, calm, etc.

...without the weekly goals, I would never have gotten this much work done. I’m a major procrastinator. I like the idea of the mini visions, and how we can work on making them a reality. You are very compassionate and a gentle soul. It makes it very easy to talk to you. It also eases some of the anxiety of the unknown future ahead of me. I am grateful!
— J.D.

How this works:

This is a 4 month one to one coaching program.  We will meet weekly for the first month, then meet the first 3 weeks of each subsequent month and take the last week of each of those last 3 months off for you to rest, integrate, and regroup. We will meet by phone or Zoom (online video chat) for one hour each session.

This is a partnership where you commit to showing up focused and willing to do the work, and I am your totally non-judgmental ally and resource on your journey.  We'll start out by exploring where you are now and where you'd like to be—creating a vision for your health and life that lights you up.

Then we'll work on creating some positive momentum toward that vision in small, do-able steps.  

Teaching and resources will be provided as needed/requested, and two email check-ins will be available in between weekly sessions and during our weeks off.  Some areas you may choose to work on and learn more about during our time together:

—How to start feeling better

—How to increase your energy and decrease fatigue, brain fog, etc.

—How to lay the foundation for improving your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, symptoms and/or side effects

—Basics of lifestyle medicine

—Sane, healthy nutrition- what to eat, how to cook it, support around creating your own meal plan, staples list, pantry re-boot, quick and affordable recipes, skills demos, etc.

—Joyful Movement


—Healthy Hydration

—Social connections/support

—Stress Management

—Nature medicine

—Creative expression

—Mindfulness skills

—How to reclaim time for self-care, health activities, creative expression, time with loved ones/community, time for yourself, etc.

—OR, other topics you have in mind.  The sky's the limit!


What is included?

You will receive:

—13 one to one coaching sessions with me over 4 months

—2 email check-ins between weekly sessions and during our weeks off

—Resources available as needed:  such as recommended kitchen tools, books, links library to skills clips and more, video demonstrations of skills and recipes, live and recorded personalized classes (online cooking class, etc.)

—Gentle accountability to help keep you on track for your goals.

—A supportive relationship totally free of judgment, shame, guilt, or “shoulds”


Schedule a free, no-obligation discovery session to find out more and see if this might be the right fit for you.  


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I’ve worked with Jenny Mahan around a few health issues and her gentle, accessible approach to incorporating health changes is so powerful. She listened deeply to what was going on with my body and rather than jump to conclusions and prescriptions, she helped me figure out practical sustainable things to try. Working with Jenny always leaves me feeling seen, heard, and nourished - a completely different experience than I’ve had in other healthcare situations.
— Jen Pavich

Please contact me if you feel you are ready and committed to doing this work, and that this work would be important and useful to you, but are concerned about ability to pay.  I have limited "pay what you can" spaces available for those on a fixed or very low income, or are otherwise significantly challenged financially.  

Let’s see if this might be the right fit for you- schedule a free chat.

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