Together we'll explore ways to nourish your well-being body, mind, and spirit, with an emphasis on healthy home cooking.

Nourish is all about ditching fad diets, gimmicks, pills, hype, and stepping out of the swirling cloud of conflicting nutrition claims to embrace simple, doable strategies for feeding ourselves well— even if you feel like you don't have the time or energy to cook up a storm. 

No more living off packets of powder or trying to hunt down exotic, expensive "miracle" ingredients that taste weird.

We all know by now that a healthful diet of whole, unprocessed foods is a crucial ingredient in creating a healthy lifestyle and reclaiming our health, but it's easy to feel we don't have the time, energy, or possibly know-how to pull it all together in a consistent way.

We know we should probably drink less sugary beverages, drink more water, get more sleep, lower our stress, be physically active... etc.  But it's often really hard to change our habits or start a new healthy habit on our own, especially if we're SO busy (as most of us are), sick and/or tired, or don't have the know-how.  

That's where Nourish comes in.  This will be a customized coaching program designed from our first session to fit you like a glove— because we all have unique preferences, goals, tastes, abilities, situations.  This 13 week, one to one coaching package focuses on real food, sane nutrition, healthy home cooking strategies, and other forms of lifestyle medicine.  

I’ve been doing a lot more home cooking and have noticed that I now feel nicely satisfied rather than bloated and sick when I’ve finished eating! I also don’t want to snack so much.
Bottom line: I’m eating tasty meals, some of which are even healthy and I’m feeling much more relaxed around food. Thanks so much Jenny Mahan!
— L.L.

This is for you if you...

—are fed up with "falling off" diets in the past, or let down by fad diets' lack of sustainable, long term results 

—are leery of having to give up entire categories of food 

—don't want to wade through the swirling cloud of conflicting nutrition claims to figure out what to eat 

—don't want to take expensive medications, supplements, or use exotic and weird ingredients 

—are suspicious that a healthy diet will taste bad and leave you feeling unsatisfied 

—feel that you don't have time to cook or don't know how

—are frustrated with doctors who just prescribe meds and don't have the time to give useful guidance about creating a healthy lifestyle

—have been told to "watch your diet," but want to know what the heck that actually means and how to do it in the midst of a busy life

 —lay awake nights worrying about what symptoms might mean (pounding heart, dizziness, brain fog, fatigue, etc.)

—are afraid of medication side effects and what it all might lead to:  a shorter life, disability, limitations on activity, heart attack, stroke, amputation, being a burden on your loved ones, living out your days in pain or as a shut in.... not to mention the expense of it all. 

—miss having the energy to play with your kids or grandkids, make love, spend time outdoors

—just want to feel better and live a "normal" life again

—if you're overwhelmed, tired, and not sure where to start...

The first wealth is health

Nourish empowers you to:

—Reclaim your health and start feeling better. 

—Master simple ways to eat more whole foods and vegetables at home while saving time and cutting costs and calories. 

—Cut through the stress, confusion, and overwhelm and feel confident about what to eat and how to easily prepare and store it at home, work, or on the road. 

—Lay the foundation for improving your blood pressure, blood glucose levels, cholesterol, weight, and/or for decreasing your dependence on medications (working with your doctor).

—Learn how to easily make at least 5, 15-30 minute healthy meals (and how to alter them to your liking or based on what you have on hand). 

—Build cooking skills and other skills necessary eating better to feel better.

—Know how and where to purchase affordable, healthful, “normal” ingredients that are easy to use and how to store them at home.

—Set and reach your own health and culinary goals and overcome obstacles with support from a totally non-judgemental ally.

Thank you for your time with me, and how much you supported me and gave me glimpses on HOW and What tools to use to keep moving forward in life, even in the midst of a dark night of the soul!... I think you are just the sweetest, keen, perceptive soul and are exemplary in self care to me!...thank you so so much.
— S.G.

How this works: 

This is a 4 month one to one coaching program.  We will meet weekly for the first month, then meet the first 3 weeks of each subsequent month and take the last week of each of those remaining months off for you to rest, integrate, and regroup. We will meet weekly by phone or Zoom (online video chat) for one hour. This is a partnership where you commit to showing up focused and willing to do the work, and I am your totally non-judgemental ally and resource on your journey.

We'll start out by exploring where you are now (in your life, health, cooking habits, preferences, abilities, etc.) and where you'd like to be— creating a short and long term vision for your health and life that lights you up. Then we'll work on creating positive momentum toward that vision in small, do-able steps.

Teaching and resources will be provided as needed/requested, and one email check-in will be available in between weekly sessions.  Some areas you may choose to work on and learn more about during our time together: 

—How to start feeling better 

—How to increase your energy and decrease fatigue, brain fog, etc. 

—How to lay the foundation for improving your blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, symptoms and/or side effects 

—Basics of lifestyle medicine 

—Sane, healthy nutrition- what to eat, how to cook it, support around creating your own meal plan, staples list, pantry re-boot, quick and affordable recipes, skills demos, etc. 

—Physical Activity 


—Healthy Hydration 

—Social connections/support 

—Stress Management

—Cooking skills

What is included?

You will receive:

—13 weekly one to one coaching sessions

—1 email check-in between weekly sessions and during our weeks off

—Recipes and accompanying shopping lists as needed.

—How to make eat well with what’s on hand— simple ways to make a well-rounded meal quickly and easily without a recipe, with what you have on hand 

—Resources available as needed:  such as recommended kitchen tools, links library to skills clips and more, video demonstrations of skills and recipes, live and recorded personalized online cooking class, etc.

—Accountability to help keep you on track for your cooking/nutrition, physical activity, and other goals.

—Cooking skills and other skills training as needed/requested



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4 Monthly Payments of $375

“Jenny is wonderful- not only is she a really knowledgeable coach, she’s got one of those calming spirits that help you to feel calmer and more grounded just from being in her presence for a few minutes.  If you’re ready to reconnect with what’s really important in life but don’t know where to start, Jenny’s your woman.” —J.C.

Please contact me if you feel you are ready and committed to doing this work, and that this work would be important and useful to you, but are concerned about ability to pay.  I have a few "pay what you can" spaces available for those on a fixed or very low income, or are otherwise significantly challenged financially. 

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