Hi there, I'm Jenny Mahan.  I’m a Registered Nurse, Certified Health and Wellness coach, and owner of Pine Creek Wellness. I support folks who have had a health wake up call reclaim their health with holistic Lifestyle Medicine so they can savor what matters most and enjoy life.  Together we’ll focus on what delights you, what’s delicious and enjoyable—what makes you feel good or better.  We’ll work on adding in delightful nourishment rather than focusing on restrictions, what to eliminate, “bad” foods or behaviors, etc.  

Mine is a Health at Every Size, body positive, Lifestyle Medicine approach to reaching your health goals—emphasizing healthy behaviors, habits, and mindsets that go far beyond the conventional (and damaging) focus on weight loss at any cost.  I believe in starting with defining what “healthy” means to you. I’m all about starting with delight and a focus on what nourishes you and feeds your wellbeing. There are lots of ways to be healthy! Let’s explore what that could look like and what could work in your life and unique situation. 

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I am also a trained CHEF Coach (Clinicians Culinary Health Education Fundamentals), and facilitate online and in person healthy home cooking classes and group or one on one Culinary Medicine coaching to support people to reach their health and life goals. I work with clients by phone or online, so location is not an issue.


I live in far northern Wisconsin near the shores of Lake Superior with my husband, Joel Austin, and son Glinden on a tiny spring-fed,  Northwoods-shaded tributary of Pine Creek where Joel fly fishes for salmon in the fall, and we garden, raise chickens, make maple syrup, and are building our own small, passive solar, energy efficient home.  

winter chickens
Jenny Mahan and Joel Austin, happy builders
Jenny and giant squash

I am an author, avid gardener, singer-songwriter, and master soap-maker.  I am passionate about promoting local sustainable agriculture and food justice, and enjoy hiking, jogging, hammocking, preserving the harvest from the garden, and a zillion other crafty, DIY, and outdoorsy things. When I’m not working you can find me curled up with a book in the hammock, unless it’s snowing (which it does 7 or 8 months out of the year on Pine Creek), in which case I’m likely sitting by the fire knitting.

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Registered Nurse

Credential/License Number: 171695-30

Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services

CHEF Coaching Certificate