Jenny is wonderful- not only is she a really knowledgeable coach, she’s got one of those calming spirits that help you to feel calmer and more grounded just from being in her presence for a few minutes.

If you’re ready to reconnect with what’s really important in life but don’t know where to start, Jenny is your woman.

—Jo Casey

...without the weekly goals, I would never have gotten this much work done. I’m a major procrastinator. I like the idea of the mini visions, and how we can work on making them a reality. You are very compassionate and a gentle soul. It makes it very easy to talk to you. It also eases some of the anxiety of the unknown future ahead of me. I am grateful!



Being in Jenny’s group wellness program has helped me change habits that I’ve had for over 10 years. I went through a very stressful time back in 2005 and started emotional eating. Since then I gained 5 dress sizes. Being in this group has helped me stop looking for quick fixes and focus on taking a long-term approach. And that has meant not going on a deprivation diet and still eating some of the things I want and like, whilst cutting down on the poorer choices and being kind to myself if I go too far towards the poorer choices on some days.

Being in the group was a safe space for me to talk about my issues with food without being judged. Jenny was a compassionate and knowledgeable facilitator. There was a good mix of people and goals and I really looked forward to the group sessions.

Things that have happened for me during my time in the group: I’ve eaten more healthily, stopped craving junk food so much, drunk more water, tried foods I hadn’t had before, done more home cooking rather than relying on the microwave, lost weight, been more relaxed around my food choices, stopped beating myself up if I ate chips or drank soda sometimes and taken some exercise. I’ve also allowed myself to get hungry sometimes. When I was overeating I would rarely be hungry. Food tastes so much better if you eat when you’re hungry and I feel different now if I eat something natural as opposed to something processed and that in turn has encouraged me to keep going with the healthier choices.

All the changes have been things I wanted to do. There was no pressure to do anything just a gentle encouragement to explore what would work for me and a place to keep me accountable along the way.

My initial weight loss was 6 lbs in 4 weeks. It may not seem like much but after 10 years of putting weight on it feels like a miracle. Since then I have been gentle with myself and weight loss has slowed, but for the first time in a long time I feel in control of my health and my eating.

— Laura


I just always feel so much better after talking with you.  You help me be less hard on myself, and recognize the successes and progress I've made that I seem to forget about otherwise.  Thank you.


Jenny is someone who is nurturing and caring.  I also sense she is so very connected to the Earth, the seasons, etc.  Very calming and healing and warm.  

—Liz Applegate

It was really interesting to see so many talented and smart women doubting themselves, my self included, to start. It's difficult to be comfortable with change even if it's for the better because it feels so unfamiliar.

I feel like all of us are capable and can do it, it's just a challenge but the infusion of fun helped.

Jenny created a space where people showed up and were honest and vulnerable while supporting one another.

I think this was so helpful , many thanks— I really feel honored to be part of your journey, Jenny and for meeting these ladies.

Nicole G.


Getting the feedback of the group made me realize that I should trust myself more and stop wasting time trying to be perfect before acting (or speaking -I never or barely used to speak in groups as a participant!).

It's amazing to experience this kind of support first-end. Jenny, you've made us all feel like a true part of this group, no matter the different goals or preoccupations we each have. Thank you!

— D. P.


Coach Jenny is wonderful! She deeply cares, listens, and has the innate ability to ask the right questions, to move me forward in a healthier way of approaching my new life! Her knowledge and life experiences have come together in harmony making her an amazing Wellness Coach!

—Page Monte

I highly recommend Jenny Mahan if you feel like you need to reconnect with what’s important in life for you, but are not sure how to do that.

—Sharon Zink


Jenny is as real as the world.



Thank you for your time with me, and how much you supported me and gave me glimpses on HOW and What tools to use to keep moving forward in life, even in the midst of a dark night of the soul!... I think you are just the sweetest, keen, perceptive soul and are exemplary in self care to me!...thank you so so much.



That’s the beauty of these groups- when we feel like we’re on our own, we’re not- we’re all in it together and the support of this group has been awesome.  Be willing to give it a try, what’s the worst that can happen? This has been great.

—S. F.

I’ve absolutely loved being in this group and it’s been by far and away the most fun.  The small group really worked well for me. It’s a bunch of amazingly supportive people. Hearing someone else talk about something they're passionate about helps bring me back to myself and what I’m passionate about. 

I loved Jenny's gentleness and patience and not being all bootcamp style!



You gave every single person the opportunity to be coached.  It was rich for me because I got the feedback and insights and support from other people, from everybody.  I was being more accountable to the whole group than just a coach and me. It’s a grander holding than the one on one.  I loved it. I really liked it a lot. I thought it was brilliant and want to say thank you to you and everyone else.

—Page Monte

I’ve been doing a lot more home cooking and have noticed that I now feel nicely satisfied rather than bloated and sick when I’ve finished eating! I also don’t want to snack so much. 

Bottom line:  I’m eating tasty meals, some of which are even healthy and I’m feeling much more relaxed around food since being in this group.  Thanks so much Jenny Mahan!



Registered Nurse

Credential/License Number: 171695-30

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