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Easy food prep skills & time saving strategies for healthy eating


Food preparation and knife skills are foundational skills for healthy home cooking.  Being able to quickly and easily prep healthful ingredients allows us to get over one of the biggest hurdles many of us face in eating better, and eating home cooked food more often:  TIME.  Or the lack of it.  If it takes forever to make good food at home chances are you're going to end up dependent on take out, fast food, microwave dinners, etc.


Knife skills are life skills

Knife Skills for the Rest of Us

Class is $27, reserve your spot:

You DON'T need rockstar chef skills or lots of time to make and eat good food at home.  With some simple equipment, some polished up food prep skills & strategies, and a little practice, you can whip up tasty, nourishing food in no time.


In this class we'll develop skills that allow us to prep food quicker and more efficiently, have food on hand at all times for easy meals and munching, and generally make it much more likely that we eat real food that's good for us and keeps us well.  


Grab a sharp knife, a cutting board, some fresh vegetables, and a friend and join in!  We'll learn and practice skills to grow a healthy lifestyle (no fad diets!), get off the diet hamster wheel, (goodbye calorie counting and weight cycling), and ditch Big Food's junk food culture— embracing fresh, seasonal food that's alive and healing for our bodies, our communities, and our planet.

In this class we'll explore:

  • Basic kitchen equipment and tools, and how to care for them- so you can get started now eating real, tasty food that supports good health without fancy equipment, a big kitchen, or breaking the bank.  (You'll receive a resource list ahead of class if you'd like to get your knife and sharpen it up in time to use in class)

Class is $27, reserve your spot:

  • Easy food prep techniques and knife skills for quick food prep- so you can quickly prep ingredients for a week's worth of meals and/or snacks without rockstar chef skills, chopping a finger, or spending your entire life in the kitchen.

  • Time saving strategies in the kitchen- so you can spend more time eating yummy food that fuels a healthier life and doing the other things you want and need to do.

  • Food safety and storage tips- so you can munch on your handiwork free of worry or salmonella.

We'll use our prepped ingredients to make a variety of succulent salads that will be a cinch to throw together in the blink of an eye with our new skillpower!


Everyone who is registered for this class will receive:

  • a resource list of recommended equipment/tools (knives, choppers, storage containers, etc.)

  • resources for further learning (cookbooks, skills videos, etc.)

  • recipes for all the recipes we make in class

  • 15% off coaching/consulting with me

  • a recording of the class (if you can't make it live, you can submit questions ahead of time and I will address them in class, and you will have the recording to watch at your leisure)

  • follow up Q&A 1 week after the live class (registered folks will get a notice for day, time, and links to attend), so you can try out what we cover in class and come back with questions, challenges, ideas to share with others, and to celebrate!  We'll have a little online potluck to celebrate.


Class is $27, reserve your spot:

Earlier Event: August 30
Later Event: October 11