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Stocking a healthy pantry and easy, adaptable recipes using what you have on hand.

If we want to eat food that makes us healthier and feel good, we must have healthful, tasty food on hand and be able to prepare it quickly.  

We know that eating lots of vegetables, legumes, fruit, whole grains, nuts & seeds, and herbs and spices is good for us, but for most of us this is not a solid habit we’ve built yet, and are often unsure how to incorporate more of these foods into our lives in a tasty, quick, and realistic way.

Class is $27

Healthy Pantry

Let’s start here:  building a healthy staples list and stocking a healthy pantry with items YOU like and will use, then preparing these nourishing foods using a few basic recipe templates that allow you to quickly and easily make a variety of tasty food that is good for you.

Having a stocked pantry, and a few basic recipe templates, allows you to quickly make tasty food that is good for you—so that cooking and eating at home is more likely to happen, easier, and more enjoyable.

And you save money over buying packaged meals and snacks or eating out. Win-win!

This is so important because there is an established and growing body of research showing that simply cooking and eating at home increases positive health outcomes, life expectancy, likelihood that our youth (who help with food preparation) will eat and be healthier as adults, and more.

Squash in a Healthy Pantry
Cooking at home could enhance your lifespan. After following a group of 1,880 men and women over age 65, researchers found that people who cook up to five times a week were 47% more likely to still be alive after 10 years.
— 2012 study in Public Health Nutrition.

In this class we’ll learn and practice skills to help us eat real food (that we actually like!) that supports us to be or get well, and opt out of junk food diet culture pushed by Big Food.

Together, we’ll:

  • Review some simple eating-for-wellness guidelines based on sane nutrition and building a healthy lifestyle, so you confidently know what to eat to support your health without having to wade through the swirling mass of conflicting nutrition claims, fads, diets, gimmicks, and food myths.

  • Identify nourishing foods that YOU like to eat (or would like to try), will eat, can afford, and have access to, so you can eat food that you love and that loves you back without breaking the bank or having to eat weird ingredients that make you gag.

  • Explore how to stock a healthy pantry that fits what you want to eat and that supports your wellbeing, so that you always have good food on hand.

  • Learn some super simple recipe templates, so that you can make a variety of nutritious and delicious meals quickly and aren’t as tempted to throw in the towel and turn to T.V. dinners or eating out.

  • Practice how to swap ingredients to use what you have on hand or to make a recipe healthier, and how to create your own “whatever” recipes so you aren’t bound to recipes and up a creek if you don’t have (or don’t like, or can’t eat) all the ingredients a recipe calls for— so you can experience more freedom, fun, and ease in the kitchen.

  • Explore strategies for where to find, get, glean, or even grow good food and ingredients you like and can afford, that are as fresh, in season, and nourishing as possible so you can nourish yourself with the best food possible, at the best price, and support your local economy, community, and the planet at the same time.


fresh food for fast meals

Class is $27

Everyone who is registered for this class will receive:

  • a resource list of recommended equipment/tools (pantry items, herb seed/plant sources, storage containers, etc.)

  • resources for further learning (cookbooks, skills videos, cooking charts, etc.)

  • recipes for all the recipes we make in class and templates for creating your own

  • 15% off coaching/consulting with me

  • a recording of the class (if you can't make it live, you can submit questions ahead of time and I will address them in class, and you will have the recording to watch at your leisure)

  • follow up Q&A 1 week after the live class (registered folks will get a notice for day, time, and links to attend), so you can try out what we cover in class and come back with questions, challenges, ideas to share with others, and/or to celebrate!  We'll have a little online potluck to celebrate.

Earlier Event: August 30
Later Event: January 16