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We can rehab our taste buds and learn to make and enjoy non-sugary drinks that nourish us and are tasty.

Water is life.

We simply must have enough of it regularly or suffer for the lack of it— every cell and physiological function inside us requires water.

One of the MOST important and impactful things we can do for our health and well-being is to drink plenty of water and non-sweetened beverages and limit intake of sugary drinks.

Healthy Hydration Class

Healthy Hydration Class= $27

This is two-fold:

1. Avoiding the negative effects of the empty calories, tons of added sugar, and artificial sweeteners, colorants, and preservatives in soda and sugary beverages.

Healthy Hydration Class

2. Experiencing the benefits of hydrating with health-enhancing water and non-sweetened beverages: fewer bladder infections; less constipation, bloating, and other unpleasant digestive ailments; supported mood, clearer thinking, less brain fog, decreased headaches, healthier skin and hair, increased energy, and lowered incidence of chronic disease or even helping reverse chronic disease.

But this can be really challenging to do when sodas and sweet beverages are cheap, easy to find everywhere we turn, and trigger our sweet tooth.   Oh, and they're addictive— hooking us into the cycle of craving them, so that it can feel really hard to stop— and alter our taste buds to the point that other, healthier beverages or water taste “bad” or “boring.”

The average soda contains nearly eight teaspoons in a 12 oz. serving. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends limiting the amount of added sugar people consume to 12.5 teaspoons a day.

In 2013, the average American drank just over 38 gallons of soda a year—or about eight 12-ounce cans a week.

Sugary drinks were the single-largest source of calories from added sugar in the American diet in 2010.

Modern people are swimming in sweet beverages, and we’re suffering serious health problems because of it. It's too easy to fill up on empty calories in a day drinking sugary beverages.

They load us up with sugar, fake sweeteners (that have their own serious health consequences), and questionable colorants and preservatives—which all can lead to headaches, mood spikes and dips, cravings, low energy, digestive upset, and chronic disease such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, kidney diseases, non-alcoholic liver disease, tooth decay and cavities, gout (a type of arthritis), and even asthma.

The good news is, we can rehab our taste buds and learn to make and enjoy less sugary drinks that nourish us and are tasty.  That's exactly what we'll cover in this class.


Healthy Hydration Class= $27

This class is for you if you:

  • Think water tastes bad, is boring, or just don’t like it but you want to drink beverages that are healthier for you.

  • Find yourself tempted and your willpower tested at every turn by easily accessible, cheap, addictive sodas and sweetened beverages.

  • Are afraid to drink water due to possible contaminants.

  • Are unsure what water to drink that’s most environmentally friendly (bottled water dilemma, etc.).

  • Feel you don't have the time, energy, or willpower to figure out what to drink, where to find it, how to make it, and how to resist the all powerful soda.


We'll develop skills that help us to:

  • increase our intake of water and healthful beverages,

  • lower our intake of health-harming hyper-sweet beverages,

  • rehab our taste buds and learn to love drinks that are good for us,

  • have delicious alternatives to sodas and sugary beverages on hand at all times for easy and healthful thirst-quenching,

  • and generally make it much more likely that we drink water and healthful drinks that are good for us and keep us well.



We'll explore:

  • Delicious alternatives to super sweet sodas and sugary beverages, so we can rehab our taste buds while enjoying something tasty and nourishing to drink.

  • Fun, delicious, quick, and easy ways to drink more health-supporting water (and tasty healthful beverages), and lower our intake of dangerous sugary sodas and sweet drinks, so we don't have to rely solely on willpower that waxes and wanes with our energy, mood, etc. to resist the sugary beverage cravings.

  • Easy strategies and planning to make sure we always have something tasty , convenient, and health supporting on hand to hydrate with and enjoy, so we're more likely to drink beverages that quench our thirst and support our health.

  • Easy, creative ways to experiment and grow, mix, create our own concoctions, so we can tweak what we cover in class to make it our own and fit it to what ingredients we keep on hand, to our own tastes and preferences, budget, situation, time, abilities, etc.

  • How to rehab our taste buds, so we can learn to love the taste of water and other tasty and healthy drinks again, and crave sodas and sugary beverages less.

We’ll make a variety of delicious, nourishing drinks together during class.

Homemade herbal tea


Everyone who is registered for this class will receive:

  • a resource list of recommended equipment/tools (water bottles, tea infusers, herb seed/plant sources, water filters, storage containers, etc.)

  • resources for further learning (cookbooks, skills videos, etc.)

  • recipes for all the recipes we make in class and a template for creating your own

  • 15% off coaching/consulting with me

  • a recording of the class (if you can't make it live, you can submit questions ahead of time and I will address them in class, and you will have the recording to watch at your leisure)

  • follow up Q&A 1 week after the live class (registered folks will get a notice for day, time, and links to attend), so you can try out what we cover in class and come back with questions, challenges, ideas to share with others, and/or to celebrate! We'll have a little online tea party to celebrate.

Earlier Event: October 11